Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love in Mid Air - Another Buying Option

I can get this book through work for $13.43 (+ tax) -- just let me know if you want me to order it for you!

New Book - Love in MidAir

We had a lively conversation about Sarah's Key last evening at Amelie's, but the general consensus was 'eh.' Per Liz's request to read something with some sex in it, we've chosen Love in MidAir as the next book. It's by a local Charlotte author, Kim Wright, and some of the story takes place in Ballantyne. It was recommended by Sally Brewster of Park Road Books as a great summer read. You can buy it here or at Park Road Books.

Also, we decided to try meeting the second Wednesday of each month. Next month, that will be September 8th and we will meet at Dolce Vita in Noda. (It's also half off wine night, coincidence?)